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Why Invest In A Handmade Area Rug?

When it comes to shopping for a new area rug; you might ask yourself, why spend the higher ticket price on a Handmade Area Rug? With so many machine made and hand tufted area rug options, is it really worth ditching out over the extra cash for a Handmade Area Rug? Why Choose a Handmade […]

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Navajo Rugs, Pieces of American History Worth.

Navajo Rugs Value — Pieces of American History

Do you have a special Navajo rug that was handed down to you? Did you come across what you think is a real Navajo but aren’t sure? Looking for a place that specializes in cleaning and repairing specialty rugs? Traditional Navajo’s have become very popular in the past few years and this has lead to […]

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Country-Rugs-Vs-City-Rugs | Rug Cleaning Orange County | Orange County Rug Cleaners | Rug Repair Orange County

Country Rugs Vs. City Rugs

On occasion the best way to categorize an area rug is not by which region it is from, but rather if it is made in the country or city. Here are a few notable facts that’ll help you better understand the distinct difference in pattern design and colors schemes between country area rugs and city […]

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oriental area rug cleaning

The Origin Of Oriental Rugs

Oriental rug cleaning should always be done by a professional Oriental rug cleaning company in a controlled facility to properly clean Oriental area rugs. How do you know if your area rug is handmade? Do you think you have an authentic Persian area rug but aren’t sure? Seeking more knowledge of a rug that means […]

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