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Pet Stain Removal

We know that if not treated immediately, pet urine, feces and vomit can cause permanent damage, staining, and odors to your rugs. Don’t worry — we are here to help! In order to recognize the importance of treating pet stains on your rugs, it is important to understand just how much damage they can cause. Listed below are a few examples:

  • When it comes to pet stains, they need to be tended to immediately. Additionally, pet stains need to be cared for properly — if not treated properly the pet deposits can begin to penetrate the fibers of the rugs, and permanently damage them.
  • Depending on the foundation of the rug, pet urine can even eat away at the material, resulting in separated seams and/or a de-laminated backing. If you have an oriental or persian rug, the urine can discolor dyes if not fully, or properly cleaned. Luckily, Orange County Rug Cleaners is here to help!
  • If not treated immediately and properly, pet urine can even eat away at the material so much causing the seams to separate or de-laminate  Cat and dog urine may even discolor dyes in your Oriental/Persian rugs if not fully cleaned.
  • If not properly cleaned bacteria will attack, making it very hazardous and yes — it will create that awful odor that is caused by bacteria.

Our skilled experts have the knowledge, experience and necessary equipment to tackle all your pet deposit issues. If we can’t get the stain out, then no one can! Here at Orange County Rug Cleaners, we will determine what exactly can be done to treat your pet deposit or pet odor problem. To begin with, our experts will educate you on your rug(s) so that you have a better understanding of how much can, or should, be done to clean your rug(s), or save it from any damage that has been caused. Next, once it is proven beneficial to move forward with treating the rug, our experts will walk you through our cleaning process which is as follows:

1. Pre-wash Inspection – Before any cleaning takes place, our experts lead a cautious inspection in order to determine the best cleaning technique(s) to use on the rug, depending upon the material that the rug is made of. Next, we analyze the state of your rug by assessing worn areas, profoundly inserted dirt, and/or other extraordinary needs. For example, if your rug may need repair.

2. Pre-washing/Dusting –  Using a commercial vacuum, we are able to remove any and all large particles. Then, by using highly compressed air, we thoroughly remove all the dust particles and any debris. If these micro-particles are not removed, they can eventually wear away at the fibers in your area rug, so this is definitely an important step in the process. Our method of rug cleaning ensures that each area rug is completely safe from dye transfers, and will remove all dirt from the rug. We apply a color stabilizing agent to the area rug to make sure all dyes are stable before the rug washing begins.

3. First Stage Wash – Next, we begin to remove any pet deposits or odors — as well as dirt, soil, or spotting — by soaking the rug in our one-of-a-kind wash pit. We make sure to pay attention to the backing and fringe of each area rug, so as to ensure that every fiber receives a deep cleaning.

4. Second Stage Wash – In this stage, we apply a gentle organic, pH neutral shampoo (which is made for treating natural fibers) in order to break down any remaining pet urine or pet stains. At this time we will also take care of any spots and stains not caused by pet deposits. We then rinse away all shampoos and cleaning agents, leaving behind only clean, fresh-smelling rug fibers. The rug is then placed into a centrifuge that is able to remove any extra liquid or substance that could not be removed by hand.  (Our competitors tend to use a rug cleaning method that involves steam-cleaning extraction. This method leaves your area rug with high amounts of soap residue that will, unfortunately, attract dirt ten times quicker. This method may also shrink and damage rug fibers.)

5. Grooming and Drying – We groom every area rug by combing the pile, and the fringe, in its proper direction. Once combed, the rug is hung to dry in our on-site, climate-controlled facility. Paying attention to every rug’s construction, we evaluate the level of heat, airflow, and temperature specifically needed for each area rug. The rug will then hang dry over night.

6. Fragrance Scenting – A light fragrance is applied to the rug in order to further sanitize and freshen it. This is particularly noticeable, and delightful, to those whose rugs needed to be treated for pet urine.

7. Final Inspection – When conducting the final inspection, we make sure that the area rug is fully dried, and as clean as possible, or we will work through the entire seven-step process all over again.