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We are proud to be a five-star business on YelpGoogle and Facebook. We are also a 2022 and 2021 Neighborhood Favorite on Nextdoor. Not only do we deliver the highest quality in our industry, but most importantly, our customers are always exceedingly satisfied with their overall experience. We pride ourselves on our customer relationships, and make it a point to treat each of our customers as we would a member of our own family. Take a look at some of the exceptional reviews we have received!

“I have had three expensive wool rugs cleaned by Refined Carpet | Rugs.  Each time they have done an excellent job.  They were able to remove pet stains and odors in each of them.  And this last one I brought in they were able to lighten a set in stain to the point that I couldn’t even notice where the original stain was.  They are very customer oriented and are willing and eager to do what they need to do to satisfy the customer. I won’t take my rugs anywhere else to be cleaned!”

- Kathy A.

“Having our Oriental rugs cleaned has always been a pain! All that money, usually for a less than stellar job. What a delightful surprise to discover Refined Carpet and Rugs!! Shaun and Chad were so professional and helpful. One of our rugs was even patched for free to give our rug all little more “life”. The rugs were thoroughly, but gently cleaned, and look new! We had one rug rebound on all four sides, and the job was superb! We are so happy to have discovered this business!”

- Beth C.

“I have Persian rugs that have been in our family over 50 years.  They aren’t just rugs to us; they are pieces of our family history.  They are almost too beautiful to lay on a floor and walk over, but we do, and they pick up a lot of foot traffic soil.  Unfortunately, they also picked up a few dropped glasses of red wine.  Although I did my best to clean it up at the time, it still left a reminder. My carpets are large, and there is no way I could handle it myself.  Someone helped me load it into the car, and as soon as I arrived at their store, it was taken out of my car without me lifting a finger.  It took about a week, and it was returned to me in excellent condition.  If this place can care for a precious Persian rug, they can handle anything.  Eric provided excellent customer care and is easy on the eyes.”

- H. R.

“Love these guys. We’ve taken some pretty valuable rugs and have been very pleased each time. They’re professional, kind, and efficient. This is your place especially if you have a rug that you care about. They’ll handle it as if it were their own.”

- Chris T.

“Great work!  Our Persian rug was cleaned and the fraying fringe RE-KNOTTED by HAND and then trimmed evenly all around. I’m so glad we decided to re-knot everything instead of just sewing on a piece of fringe over the tattered edge. Fixing the original rug was the way to go! The cost of the cleaning was very reasonable. The hand knot repair of our fringe was more expensive than the cleaning, but very reasonable in view of the time and effort that was put into the edges of our 5′ X 7′ rug. What we got back will wear for years and years and we don’t have to worry about anything unraveling.  Our rug looks brand new. The cleaning and repair work were excellent!! I highly recommend this place for any oriental rug, especially those needing special handling or repairs. They definitely know what they are doing.”

- S. H.

“These guys have been cleaning my handwoven and machine made rugs for over a decade. They are friendly and good at their jobs. I like to support small business like these, especially when they do their jobs this well. They will even pick rigs up from your home for a small fee.”

- Mir P.

“Another business referred us to Refined Carpets. They are not in our area, but what a find! Worth the drive. Our just custom made rug came out looking like new as did wool rugs! Purchased new pads and we are very very pleased!”

- Nancy M.

“Refined was recommended by a friend. I dropped off a couple of rugs and was very pleased with the results. One had been under the kitchen table and I was thinking of having it replaced, however, after it was cleaned, it looks like a new rug. Knowledgeable employees, pleasant and well-priced”

- J. J.

“The rug cleaning service here is excellent. It was cheaper than all the other places I checked and they had it cleaned in 3 business days. I believe Eric was the one that helped me. He was very nice and helped unload/load the rug in my van. I will definitely use them again for any rugs I need cleaned in the future.”

- Trevor W.

“This was the second time I brought a wool area rug to Refined Carpet to be cleaned after my doggie urinated on the rug (two different doggies, same rug). This time the facing along one rug edge had separated from the rug. The folks at Refined Carpet carefully repaired and cleaned the rug, and were so nice in helping me get the rug from my car to bring it in and after cleaning back to my car. They are such nice guys and did a wonderful job. Their prices are fair and their customer service can’t be beat.”

- Adrienne E.