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With over a decade of experience, and extensive knowledge of the industry, our experts at Refined Carpet | Rugs take a unique approach to rug washing, repair and restoration. We combine old-world techniques with modern-day equipment, to achieve optimum results and the highest customer satisfaction. Every rug is washed, and restored by hand, in the same manner as the rug was made, so as to preserve each rug’s unique fibers and still accentuate its beautiful features. While this method takes longer than others, we feel it is the only way to care for your rugs, as they are delicate, valuable and meaningful timepieces, and should be treated as such.

We treat each rug in our state-of-the-art wash facility, which is fully equipped with everything from a centrifuge to a temperature-controlled drying room. Our skilled artisans know the proper cleaning techniques for even the most delicate of rugs, and utilize a custom method for each rug depending upon the construction of the rug and its fibers. Whether you have a new age area rug from Nepal, or an antique Persian Kerman, we have the skills, expertise, and facility to properly clean, and revitalize, your most elegant floor piece.



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Professional Rug Repair


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Recently, the need for rug repair and restoration has significantly increased in the Southern California area. Having originally solely operated as a wash facility, we noticed several of our customers bringing their damaged rugs to us for cleaning, stating that although their rugs have experienced a lot of wear and tear, they just can’t seem to part ways with them. Over the years we have found that this is the case with many area rug owners, and so, naturally, we sought out a way to help our customers preserve their meaningful timepieces. We now have a fully equipped restoration department where skilled artisans dedicate their time to repairing even the most delicate of area rugs.

Repairing and restoring your area rug gives it an extended life span and significantly decreases its chances of being damaged further. By tending to, and repairing, the worn area, not only is that specific area now protected, but it prevents the areas around it from succumbing to the wear and tear as well — thus protecting your rug for several more years to come.

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While repairing an area rug can make a great difference in the appearance and life span of a rug, it is important to note that the repair must be done correctly, and professionally,  in order to be successful. Having spent over a decade caring for rugs from around the world, here at Refined Carpet | Rugs, our artisans have the necessary knowledge, and experience, to restore even the most valuable, or antique, of area rugs.

Repair services we offer:

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Rug Sales


Though we have long thrilled our customers with our unparalleled cleaning expertise, and full repair and restoration services, for many years we still felt there were more services we could bring to our customers.

As an honest company who greatly values its clientele, we were upset to constantly hear of our customers’ negative experiences purchasing rugs. Our customers continuously stated that their previous experiences were ridden with false hope and broken promises, and that they were often told a specific rug they purchased would significantly increase in value, and/or handle extreme abuse or traffic, only to find out later that what they were promised was not true. Knowing we could help, we expanded into the world of retail.

Looking to provide our customers with a professional, welcoming and positive rug buying experience, we opened what is now our showroom. Located around the corner from our professional wash facility, we now house an extensive inventory of fine area rugs. We offer thousands of different handmade and machine-made rugs, made of everything ranging from silk to mercerized cotton. We carry everything from one-of-a-kind vintage rugs to stain-resistant and pet-friendly ones. We have carefully selected our inventory, so that even the customers with the most particular of situations can find something that suits his or her taste, wallet, and/or home.

Because we have experience caring for all area rugs, we are extremely familiar with the different constructions and fibers. This knowledge allows us to help guide each of our customers in the right direction when investing in a rug. Based on factors such as foot traffic, sun exposure and/or humidity, our experience allows us to determine where certain rugs will perform their best. Furthermore, when it comes to purchasing a rug for investment purposes, we can provide you with an accurate current valuation, as well as a realistic perspective of appreciation potential.

At Refined Carpet | Rugs we possess a genuine compassion for all of our customers. This combined with our passion for rugs from around the world, and our drive to conduct good business, separates us from our competition, and creates an exceptional customer experience.

Whether it’s visiting our show room, or working with our wash/repair technicians, we make sure to treat each customer like a member of our family — and it’s evident from the moment they walk through the door.

Please call us today or stop by any time!

We look forward to welcoming you into our Refined Carpet | Rugs family!


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