Rug Sales


Looking to update, or upgrade, your space? Start with a new area rug!

We often say that an area rug is what makes a house a home. It adds a level of warmth, comfort, and style to any room making the space feel more inviting and complete. If you are looking to replace an old oriental rug or simply add to your collection, here are the brands we recommend:



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Refined Rug Gallery has a wonderful reputation as a knowledgeable and experienced rug retailer, who’s owners first got their start in the industry by cleaning and repairing area rugs. With over 15 years of experience, the owners know the ins and outs of every type of rug and its fibers, which in turn makes for a trustworthy and positive rug-buying experience. They provide excellent customer service that includes one-on-one online assistance so as to ensure you pick the perfect, and appropriate rug for your space.  Additionally, they offer accurate potential appreciation values. To see the styles they offer, visit



If you are looking for an oriental rug that serves as a stylish floor piece, than look no further. RugKnot’s high-quality selection of over-dyed patchwork rugs are sure to please. Each of these stunning patchwork pieces are hand-crafted in Pakistan and are offered in a wide range of patterns, colors and styles. Depending upon your preference, these rugs can serve as either a statement piece or as simply a warming contribution to a space, making these patchwork rugs the perfect addition to virtually any room or home. Check out their selection here.