We at Refined Rug Restoration take a different approach to rug cleaning and repair. We apply old world techniques together with modern day equipment to achieve the highest results and customer satisfaction. At our facility, every rug is washed by hand in the same manner as the area rug was made. While this method takes longer, we feel it is the only true way to care for area rugs.

Whether you have a new age area rug from Nepal, or an antique Persian Kerman, we have the skills, expertise, and facility to properly clean, repair, or restore your most elegant floor piece.

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The interest for rug repair and restoration has developed monstrously in the Southern California area, as an ever increasing number of mortgage holders are supplanting their carpets with hardwood and tile surfaces. Including a lovely high quality area rug to any space includes warmth and a feeling of style. Also, since a significant number of these area rugs are considered bits of “craftsmanship”, they frequently increment in incentive as they age.

Repairing and reestablishing your area rug quickly after it has been harmed guarantees that your rug speculation will be safeguarded for quite a long time to come. Tragically, just a couple organizations in Orange County, CA have the energy and demonstrated ability important to repair and reestablish hand-tied area rugs.

The enthusiasm for rug repair has never been more prominent and not very many individuals know how to legitimately repair hand tied area rugs. Our energy, information, and skill for area rugs has set Refined Rug Restoration as the go to specialists for all your rug restoration needs.

Rug Repair Orange County



For years, Refined has been satisfying customers in Orange County and the surrounding area with innovative rugselection inventory, unparalleled cleaning, repair and full restoration service results. We have earned the reputation by Orange County residents as the must use rug sale staff, cleaning expert and repair specialist company. As skilled artisans, we have been able to provide exceptional buying experiences and our customers the highest quality service and work.

Too often, we have new customers come to us and describe stories of past experiences that are ridden with false hope and untrue circumstances. One heard frequently is how they were sold rugs elsewhere and told they would increase in value or handle a particular room’s abuse; to later find that none of what they originally made the investment for was true.

Here, we highly value transparency and sell only with good intentions. At Refined, our family of customers are never misguided. The formula we follow is simple; it includes passionate drive for good business, genuine care for customers andunmatched knowledge of area rugs. This combination separates usand creates what we proudly believe to be the highest probability of success when sending you home with rugs most aligned to your search needs. We entered the rug sale businessto change how customers feel when finding a service and or leaving with product; happy each and every time,knowing they’ve won.

The accumulation of 10 years, hands on rug experience and understanding has developed us the ability to deliver accurate information about now and future expectations from both investment and durability standpoints. It also enables us to determine what rug types will reside best in parts of the home based onimportant characteristics such as the amount of traffic generated, types of surfaces they will lay on and the colors existent in the rooms you are purchasing the next, best fit pieces for. We love our ever growing family of customers and welcome them appreciativelywith open doorsand the goal on our agendas to satisfy the existing base we have andnew additions today at the highest level. We hope you are the next familiar face, voice or name to walk through the doors, call us or contact ouremail with your rug needs!


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